You’ve probably tried using Unity’s built-in TextMesh, and then recoiled in horror.

Nooo! This is the opposite of what I wanted!

This is the opposite of what I wanted!

There are some advanced techniques to solve this problem, including signed distance shaders or bitmap fonts. If you’re curious and have some time, poke around the net for Unity plugins and shaders supporting those techniques (there are plenty!).

If you’re in a rush, maybe because you’re trying to finish a game jam or because you just want prettier text right now, I have a simple suggestion:

  1. View the TextMesh in the inspector
  2. Scale its transform down to 1% (.01, .01, .01)
  3. Increase its font size to 100
  4. Increase its character size to 10

Just three tweaks, and...

Just three tweaks, and…

Much better!

Much better!